I talk too much.

Proving true the conventional wisdom that short posts are better than long ones, The Ed Techie‘s 445-word summery of my last post is generating a lot more conversation than my post did… Check out the comments for further discussion…

Not to mention that he made my points a lot more eloquently than I managed to.

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2 Responses to I talk too much.

  1. Jim says:


    Has a tendency to do that, and his intelligence often frustrates me to no end. The damn educational system in Wales, it works too well! Though I think long posts are just fine 😉

  2. Martin says:

    Hey don’t be hard on yourself Tad – it’s easy to be concise when someone else has done the thinking through in public. Someone (probably Scott Leslie as he has this down to a fine art), will reduce my post to a tweet and say it better.
    I get badgered for doing long posts too – that’s why I love blogs, there’s no set granularity. If you want to do a post that says ‘check this link’, that’s fine. if you want to do a 5,000 word riff on something, that’s fine too.
    I’m up for a zine Jim – build it and we will come.

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