I’m a Ukulele Hero!

So I’ve been loving the Kala KA-S Mahogany soprano uke that I bought over Christmas. I’m learning– still not great, but improving. But the ukulele bug has apparently bitten me HARD.

I went to Guitar Center today, just intending to get a strap so that I can play standing up. Instead, I walked out with a strap, and also with a Mitchell MU70 concert uke. It’s quiet– surprisingly, quieter than my soprano. But the sound is really rich. I’m going to have to replace the strings, though– I really prefer the sound and the action of the Worth CM strings on my Kala.

But overall, it’s shiny. It’s new. I like.

A picture of my two ukes, with my roommates’ Les Paul-style Guitar Hero controller:

Ukulele Hero

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